Caliper is a mechanical measuring device used to measure values ​​such as dimensions, length, depth, diameter, inner diameter, height in “mm” and “inches” with a precision of 0,01 mm. According to the need of 
customers, they are made in different size and shapes.

Micrometers are a measurement and control instrument used to measure the diameters of cylindrical parts and the thickness of the flat parts. It consists of a screw shaft moving in a nut. Screw teeth have been
opened for precise measurements in high precision. The screwed-pin end-effector moves the movable end back and forth to move closer to the fixed end (anvil).
Tape Measure

By means of a measuring mechanism which can measure over the unit of meters in the sense of what we know is portable and easy to use tool.
Steel Ruler

The design is similar to the meter, but it is as long as the standard meter. It is created by placing the numbers on a straight strip.
Laser Distance Meter

The laser range finder measures distances with the help of laser beams. Laser Distance Meter measures the distances with the help of the focused laser beams.
Then this device calculates the time required for the light beams to reflect back to the source. According to the results obtained, the distance is determined very precisely.
Distance measurement is much more sensitive than other alternatives such as an ultrasonic measurement.
Water Balance

The measuring device which is easy to measure the gradient and gradient direction between two points is called a water balance.