Defibrillator Analyzer

When the heart enters ventricular fibrillation, defibrillation is the process of returning to normal sinus rhythm by supplying sufficient electrical current from the outside and the device used to deliver electric current is called a defibrillator (electro shock device). If the electric energy is given in shock, the external warning is given that means myocardium is depolarized and the heart contractioned. In order to be shocked by the heart defibrillator, the heart must be in the rhythm of ventricular tachycardia with or without a pulmonary ventricular fibrillation. Defibrillation is the part of basic life support.
ECG Simulator

ECG Simulator simulates ECG signals used to test ECG (monitor) devices.
Optionally, the parameters of the applied pulse signals can be changed by the user.
Patient Simulator

It is a device that simulates the electrical responses of all the vital parameters of the patient.
SPO2 Simulator, Pulseoximeter Simulator

SpO2 refers to the peripheral capillary oxygen saturation as an estimate amount of the oxygen present in blood.
Percentage of oxygenated hemoglobin (hemoglobin-containing oxygen) compared to the total hemoglobin value (oxygenated and oxygen free hemoglobin).
SpO2 is an estimate of the amount of arterial oxygen saturation or the amount of oxygenated hemoglobin in SaO2.
Pacemaker Simulator

Devices used to stimulate the heart muscle of the people who has heart rhythm disorder are called pacemaker or heart battery.
People who are disrupted due to any malfunction of the cardiac electrical conduction system, the pacemaker produces rhythmic electrical stimulation, allowing the heart to function in a regular fashion.
Hemodialysis Meter

Hemodialysis requires high accuracy and high level of reliability.
Hemodialysis Reference Tester allows you to measure conductivity, temperature, pressure, pH and flow with high accuracy and reliability.

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